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Double Stop CL+

Information about Doublestop CL Plus

Doublestop CL Plus was released in 2013. The wheat variety has a wide area of adaptation, is late to first hollow stem and possesses a late maturity that is about the same as Endurance. 

Strengths of Doublestop CL Plus include excellent test weight with good protein content and quality; yield stability across a wide range of environments, including drought-stressed and high-yield systems; good acid soil tolerance, and good milling and baking characteristics. 

The variety is resistant to wheat soil borne mosaic virus but exhibits inconsistent resistance to wheat spindle streak mosaic virus. It is moderately resistant to leaf rust, stripe rust and barley yellow dwarf.

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Green Hammer


 Green Hammer offers a critical yield protection advantage that could call for lower input costs.  It carries a highly effective level of dual resistance to leaf rust and stripe rust, thus often neutralizing the positive effect of a fungicide application based on trials in Oklahoma and Kansas.  Protein content has averaged about a point higher than Gallagher at a similar test weight level.  

Altogether, Green Hammer is considered OSU's best offering at this time for combining disease and Hessian fly resistance, protein content (and protein quality), and test weight into one variety.  Its region of adaptation is centered on southwest, central and north central Oklahoma. 

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Smith's Gold


 Smith's Gold is the first Gallagher progeny with better leaf hygiene, later pull-off date, and improved baking quality as verified by Wheat Quality Council.  Resistant to Hessian fly, greenbug.  Improved resistance to stripe rust over Gallagher. 


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